In an Information Technology world, where everybody is online all the time, the IT security became or it should become a priority. According to some statistics provided by the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report, Panda Security and Consumer Reports, published on, 3 out of 10 computers worldwide are infected with malicious software. Either that software represents viruses, trojans, adware, only last year were created 27 million of them. This means 74000 new pieces of software discovered daily. What does this mean when it comes to money? Last year alone, only in the USA, the malicious software that infected personal and corporate computers cost the victims an estimated $4.5 billion.

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Companies are the most affected when it comes to cybersecurity. For this reason, more and more of them hire IT Security Professionals to test their infrastructure. Those activities, called "Penetration Testing Projects" are intended to discover and report security breaches so those vulnerabilities can be fixed. There is a saying in this line of business: "In order to protect yourself from hackers, you must think like one". Anyone can become an IT security expert, either it has the objective to start or develop an IT (security) career, either this is just a hobby.
On the Internet, you can find a lot of information related to this area, but if you want something well structured and explained, I recommend you the just-launched online video course called "Step by Step Network Infrastructure Ethical Hacking". This course will offer an overview of penetration testing and then will go in depth about the steps of this kind of project. It contains lectures and videos about scanning networks, finding and exploiting vulnerabilities, network sniffing, viruses, cryptography, and wireless network's hacking. This training is based on a practical approach of day-by-day situations and it contains labs based on real environments. Virtual machines will be provided so you can apply what you've learned. You can use the knowledge gathered either for offensive penetration testing or ethical hacking or protect your own system infrastructure. At the end of the training, a certificate of completion will be provided.

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